UPPABaby Stroller Recall

Jul 25, 2015

Bad news for owners of UPPAbaby 2015 strollers. The company is recalling 71,000 units of the 2015 Cruz and Vista strollers along with the RumbleSeat. The recall was issued due to a choking hazards concern. Apparently UPPAbaby has received reports of children biting the foam that the bumper bar is covered in.

More information can be found on CPSC website.

Consumers who own one of the recalled strollers, should remove the bumper bar and contact UPPAbaby for a free bumper bar cover and warning label.

UPPAbaby customer service  - (844) 540-8694
Email - contact@uppababy.com

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Deals On Baby Gear

Jul 20, 2015

Nordstrom is having an Anniversary sale! This is a great time to score some awesome baby gear and accessories at discount prices with FREE shipping and returns. Prices will go back up on Monday, August 3rd.

Currently on SALE
Nuna Sena Travel Crib in Graphite 
now $150 (after sale $200)

now $195 (after sale $260)

now $68 (after sale $90)

now  $299 (after sale $399)

now $185 (after sale $250)

now $299 (after sale $399)

now $206 (after sale $279)

now $28 (after sale $42)

now $33 (after sale $50)

A Tribute To Russian Grandmas

Jul 17, 2015

They love their kids and grandkids and are fiercely devoted to raising both to be very well-fed, over-achievers.

Here are some of my favorite parenting wisdoms from Russian grandmas (please note: Russian grandpas are extremely fond of fishing and drinking).

1. You may be raising twice the amount of kids I raised, but I am still the expert on parenting and hence will dispense unsolicited advice constantly and with no restraint.

2. There's no such thing as 'too much' when it comes to feeding a child.

3. Bread is a food staple and must be eaten with everything.

4. If your child is not potty trained by age 1, you are a negligent parent.

5. If your child can't count to ten by age 1, he must be retarded.

6. If your child doesn't know the alphabet by age 2, he must be retarded.

7. You must rub your child down with vinegar to bring down a fever (please don't try this at home)

8. Your child will grow up sickly if you don't douse him with icy water every morning.

9. If your child is not wearing a hat in the winter, he will freeze off his brains.

10. If your child is not wearing a sunhat in the summer, he will get heat-stroke.

11. Tights are a must in all seasons for both girls and boys!

12. If your child did not grow up to be a Doctor, you failed as a parent.

Please excuse any offensive content in this post. I had to be true to Russian grandmas and if you've ever met one, you'd know that they are anything but politically correct.

Aden + Anais New Clothing Line

Jul 15, 2015

Aden + anais, the company best known for lightweight muslin swaddling blankets, will be releasing a baby layette collection this Summer. The layette line includes a very practical assortment of baby clothes, made of cotton muslin and featuring aden + anais classic prints.

If you've ever used muslin baby blankets, you know how heavenly muslin feels. It's light and airy and get's softer with every wash. Because muslin is loosely woven, it allows more air circulation than other fabrics, making it the perfect choice for those sweltering Summer days.

Being a huge fan of aden + anais products, I'm very much looking forward their baby layette line.

{ This Moment }

Jul 9, 2015

Boden Summer Sale - Up To 60% Off!

Jul 8, 2015

Boden Summer sale is in full swing, now with savings up to 60% off!



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The Royal Pram

Jul 6, 2015

Grace and beauty ruled the day as the British Royal Family celebrated it's newest member's, Princess Charlotte's christening. The little Princess looked like a picture-book baby in her antique-replica ivory lace christening gown.

Of course her mother, the lovely Duchess of Cambridge was exquisite as always, wearing Alexander McQueen white coat dress and Jane Taylor fascinator hat.

Prince George looked like a little cherub. Photographers have captured a really precious moment when the soon to be 2 year old big brother, got up on tiptoes to sneak a peak at his baby sister.

Looking over the pictures I must confess, that though the Royal Family are beautiful indeed, what captivated my attention most as a strollerholic and an antiques enthusiast, was the royal PRAM.

Of course I had to know all about it, the mark, the history...

As it turns out, the gorgeous pram used to wheel Princess Charlotte to church is a family heirloom. It is a Millson Prince vintage pram which was originally used by the Queen Mother for Charles, Edward and Andrew. The giant, pram looks more like a coach and has carried regal babies to royal events for over 50 years.

Tradition means everything to royalty. Never mind that they have much better, newer, more user friendly prams noweadays. You will do it the way grandma did it, because if it was good enough for her, it's good enough for you! 

Prince Andrew with The Queen and Anne

Prince Edward being pushed in the pram in 1965

Of course, I have to admit, that going by appearance alone (never mind user-friendliness), the Millson pram, just like the classic Silver Cross prams that can be purchased today, is at the height of pram-fashion. I suppose it's the most fitting for royalty after all.

Best Natural Sunscreens for Kids

Jun 30, 2015

Summer vacation means lot's of time in the sun. We're all aware that conventional drug-store sunscreens contain lots of harmful chemicals that, while bad for adults, definitely do not belong on baby's and kids' skin. Luckily many companies came to the rescue by developing sunscreen lotions and sprays with non toxic  ingredients.

Please keep in mind, that not all products labeled as 'natural' contain only natural ingredients. There are hordes of sunscreens out there that sneak chemical ingredients into products advertised as being "natural". If you're particular about what goes on your kids' (and your own) skin, read the ingredients list thoroughly.

Another point to note is that since natural sunblocks are mineral based, they will stay on the skin as apposed to being absorbed into the skin. This just comes with the territory of using non-toxic mineral based sunblocks and should not be viewed as a product flaw.

Here are some of my favorites mineral sunscreens, which contain ONLY natural ingredients, to the best of my knowledge.

Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Spray - $9.99

Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Sunscreen - $12.50

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen - $17

Honest Coompany Sunscreen Lotion - $13.99 

 Honest Company Sunscreen Spray - $13.95

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Mineral Sunscreen - $11.28

Goddess Garden Kids Natural Sunscreen - $19