Tea Collection Memorial Day SALE - 20% Off + Free Shipping!

May 21, 2015

Tea Collection, one of my favorite kids clothing brands, is running a Memorial Day Weekend promotion - 20% OFF EVERYTHING + FREE SHIPPING. Use code WEGOTHERE at checkout. Valid through 5/25/15.

Here's just a small sampling of some of the gorgeous, 
world-inspired styles currently on sale at Tea. 

Mini Boden Autumn 2015 Preview + 20% Off

May 19, 2015

Boden unveiled their Autumn 2015 preview with a 20% off + FREE shipping and returns promotion. Use code 7D4N at checkout to recieve your discount. Valid till May 24th.

I'm so excited about the new Mini Boden range. As always, it's stylish and cute, fun and whimsical! Exactly what baby and kids clothes should be in my opinion. It's so hard to decide what NOT to get!


Available in 4 colors


Available in 2 colors


Available in 2 patterns


Available in 2 colors


Available in 2 colors


Available in 3 colors

Available in 2 colors


Available in 2 patterns


Available in 2 patterns


Available in 4 colors




Available in 3 patterns


Available in 5 colors

New Crib + Organic Crib Mattress

May 18, 2015

Little Missy's quality of life just went up. Husband finally got around to building her a crib. Till now she slept in a bassinet, which she pretty much outgrew. Now we have two cribs in the master bedroom. Yes it's crowded, but we're hoping to set up a nursery as soon as we buy a house (right after winning the lotto). Till then, we'll continue in our rented apartment in New York - the capital of overpriced real estate.

Little Missy is definitely enjoying all the new space and the ability to see the room through the rails. She likes to peek at mama during the night and mama likes to peek at her. 

The crib we bought is identical to the one my two year old toddler still sleeps in, which is a Franklin and Ben Liberty 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. I always liked the classic look of spindle cribs and this white one is dainty, yet sturdy and does not overwhelm the room. The Liberty Crib is made of solid American poplar, which is in the category of hardwoods, though it's one of the "softer" hardwoods. I appreciate that a  toddler rail is included with the crib. A lot of other brands sell it separately. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this crib for the price.

The crib mattress is also the same as the one I chose for Ben two years ago. I only wanted an organic mattress for him, which does not contain any toxins or flame retarders. I will not get into what's wrong with conventional mattresses, you can google that if you're interested, but I'll tell you that after carefully considering all available options and prices, I settled on the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150. This is a 2-stage dual firmness mattress. One side is firm for infants to sleep safely, the other side is slightly softer for toddlers. The mattress has 150 coils and is filled with organic cotton. I was very impressed with the quality of this mattress and since Ben slept comfortably on it since he was an infant, I purchased the same one for Little Missy without any hesitations. This mattress costs $299 on Amazon, with free shipping and returns.

For baby's comfort, I covered the mattress with an organic quilted mattress pad, by American Baby Company, also purchased on Amazon.

The little pillow in the picture is there to help with flat-head, which all my babies seem to develop. This time I was proactive and got the pillow early one. There are benefits to being the youngest in the family. Parents already had a chance to experiment on your older siblings and have just a little more figured out.

Now if I can only get Little Missy to sleep through the night in her new abode, well, that would be just dandy!

New York Baby Show

May 13, 2015

If you love baby stuff and want to see all the new and awesome baby products, test drive strollers and learn useful parenting tips, the New York Baby Show is the place to be this weekend, May 16th & 17th. You can bring your kiddos along, since this event is family friendly (duh).

Discounted tickets can be purchased at a flash sale HERE

This giant Nuna Leaf better be at the show this year.
 I have my heart set on sitting in it!

A Mother's Incoherent Ramblings

May 12, 2015

My firstborn turned 13 last week! She's now officially a teenager and I'm panicking. Where did the time go? I still vividly remember the day she was born. Was that really 13 years ago?

We definitely have all the symptoms of teenagehood around here:

  • Butting heads - CHECK!
  • Trying very hard to fit in - CHECK!
  • Wanting to stand out from the crowd at the same time - CHECK!
  • Doesn't believe parents know best - CHECK!
  • Spends hours on the phone - CHECK!
  • Nightly pimple cream application - CHECK!

It feels as if just yesterday she was a sweet happy-go-lucky pre-schooler with chubby cheeks, huge eyes and a sense of wonder. Now she's a moody young lady who expects to be treated as an adult. I know this is a normal part of growing up, and a mother's job is to try and let go a little, but my heart is breaking because right about now, it hit me that she won't be mine forever. Though I knew the day she would fly out of the nest would have to come eventually, nothing in my parenting journey really prepared me for coping with just how fast that day is approaching. Tick, tick tick, every minute brings us closer to the eminent.

When your child is little, you want to protect them from all calamities of the world. You believe, that if only you hold them tightly in your arms, nothing bad can touch them. You dote on your babies and you kiss their little cheeks. It doesn't enter your mind that there will come a day when your child will no longer want your protection.

Back when doll-houses were not passe 

On the other hand, just last week, my daughter did skip with me outside in broad daylight, while singing "we're off to see the wizard...". Sure, she did it just to embarrass her brother, but even so, maybe not all is lost yet.

I have lots of hopes for you, my love, and one of them is that you remain a child just a little longer. Not for my sake, but because life will catch up with you faster than you realize and this is the only childhood you'll ever have. Enjoy what's left of it!

100% Pure Mother's Day Gift Sets + FREE Express Shipping

May 4, 2015

If you're out of ideas as to what to get Mom (or wife or yourself ) for Mother's Day, you've got to check out these glorious skincare and cosmetics gift sets by 100% Pure.
Luckily for last minute shoppers, EXPRESS SHIPPING is FREE May 4th - May 6th. No minimum purchase required. 

All 100% Pure products are made without any synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. Cosmetics are made with fruit pigments and don't contain any synthetic fragrances, alcohol or emulsifiers. The Pure products are also vegan.

I'm very selective of what I use and at this point, 100% Pure is one of my "go-to" skincare brands. I also love their lipsticks and tinted lip balms.

Natural Goodness